Get started with configurations based on pre-defined templates

A configuration in the Web Enabled Drilling Simulator is a description of the different elements and components that affect the circulation system and drillstring mechanics.

The computer models behind OpenLab Drilling are extremely advanced and a configuration consists of hundreds of input parameters.

Therefore, you are given a set of template configurations to start with.

Openlab Webclient
Open lab webclient

Run a simulation with no need for editing

A simulation in the Web Enabled Drilling Simulator is based on NORCE's computer models of well flow and drillstring mechanics. Although the computer models behind the simulator are among the world's most detailed models of their kind, we have created a web environment where you can easily run simulations and handle the results.

The simulator can be run interactively through a web browser, or also programatically through our Matlab or Python packages.

Further explore with 3D visualization in the OpenLab control room

The lab facilities are open for students, professors and engineers for research, education, testing and demonstration of drilling technology.

Downhole simulations can be run with a large variety of scenarios with 3D visualization of the drill floor. Drilling control systems will also be available with user-friendly access for non-vendor specific software.

Overhead with webclient

Test on a full scale rig

The physical rig, Ullrigg, is the world's most advanced full-scale drilling test site and includes an offshore type drilling rig with access to seven wells. Measurements from surface and downhole sensors will be partially replaced by artificial measurements from virtual wells using the OpenLab simulator.

Drilling and well operations are performed from a physical rig with measurements from virtual wells.