Create a Configuration

Before you can run a simulation, you must first create a well configuration. This video and accompanying tutorial teaches you how to create a configuration from one of several templates we have created.

From the homepage, either click the new configuration button (1), or if you have no configurations yet, the New configuration text (2).

New Configuration Inputs

1) Name your configuration anything you want, as long as a configuration with that name does not already exist. We will call this simulation My Configuration

2) Select which type of rig best describes the well configuration you want to drill with. The main options are:

* Offshore

* Onshore

We will select Offshore

Well Templates

To make things easier to get started, we have created several templates to choose from as a starting guide. The 3 main templates are:

1) Vertical 2) Inclined 3) Horizontal

As you can see, these templates main differences are the well geometry, which plays a pivotal role in the drilling process.

1) Select the template that best initially describes our well, which in this case is Inclined 2500 for us.

2) Finally, we select or make a folder to place this configuration in if you would like, e.g. Tutorials.

Configuration Editing

To see how to edit a configuration, and some tips/tricks to using our configuration editors, see our main tutorials page, and select and filter by Configuration

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